Karst caves

The karst cave system at Melchsee is one of the largest in Switzerland and can be visited with an expert guide. In the footsteps of the first ascent, you will experience the diverse world of caves. Short crawl spaces, secured trusses, huge halls alternate, unbelievable sintering, stalactites and fragile fields await along the way.

But don't worry: the tricky areas are all secured with ladders and ropes.

Tour data

Duration: approx. 3-4 hours
Rental equipment: cave suit, knee pads, helmet with headlamp, climbing harness
What to bring: thermal underwear, hiking boots, a set of dry clothes
Suitable: from 14 years of age, with good physical condition


Private tour for up to 3 people: CHF 650.00
Each additional person: CHF 80.00
Rental equipment included.


Email to  info@nikmountain.ch  or by phone on 041 660 14 57.